People do not buy from those they do not trust.

About the episode:

Garrett gets to sit down with college friend and Instagram phenomenon, MaryKate Schmidt, who has not only built a following that turned into a movement, but who is positively affecting thousands of women on Instagram with her fitness programs.

Why you’ll love it:

MaryKate goes into great detail about her yo-yo dieting past and what she did to change her behavior to get in incredible shape and maintain it.

Greater Message:

Do more: you can always do more and you have to JUST DO IT. Sometimes the blunt truth is the best advice.


IG: @froyotofitness

Website for MaryKate: https://www.froyotofitness.com/

IG for Garrett: @garrettnwood @crossroadsoffitness

Website for Garrett: www.crossroadsoffitness.com


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