Garrett has her work cut out for her today! She tries to explain most thoroughly why you need strength training and cardio in your weekly workout regime, (but mainly strength training! Insert wink face!), without getting too scienc-y. There are links to more thorough info below!

Why you’ll love it:

Because it turns out you DON’T need to do two hours of cardio a day to get the body of your dreams!

Greater Message:

Get clear on your goals, make a plan/ask for one from a coach. Be strategic and track your weights. Progressive overload is key! Keep cardio in your life at a moderate rate! #Daretomove


How to make progress in group fitness classes like Barry’s Bootcamp:

Five gym mistakes you might not know you’re making :

Five “bro” exercises every girl should use for fat loss:

How often should you workout for fat loss?[podcast src=”” height=”360″ width=”100%” placement=”bottom” theme=”standard”]