Today’s episode has no quote. But if it did, it would say, “Be patient, and tune into the upcoming episode about the microbiome with Sarah greenfield (episode 41, 4/24/19).”

Last week on Instagram, Garrett made a poll asking if people wanted “abs” or “health” and the results came back 50/50. In order to explain how/why YOU CAN get abs AND have your health, Garrett goes into detail about her journey to achieving “abs” (or what is a very low body fat) the WRONG way, and now how she’s pursuing it in a healthy way.

In short, she explains how she cares for her microbiome, and spreads awareness so you can too.

Here are the articles, videos and more that she references:

Bikini-Prep  and Fat Loss articles:

*Beginning Stages:

*12 Weeks Out:

* 8-Weeks Out:

* 5 Takeaways from Bikini:

* How to Lean Out without Severely Restricting:


Garrett’s YouTube Channel with Supplement Routine:

IG: @garrettnwood


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