The aftermath of Garrett’s crazy hustle in her early twenties catches up to her. Learn more about how she handles mental health, gut health, and general well-being after severe stomach issues. Figuring out how to heal herself becomes crucial in not only her personal life and well-being but in order to thrive as the businesswoman she aspires to be.

Why you’ll love it: There’s never a convenient time to go through health issues. But, any time we suffer an illness, injury or mental issue, it teaches us something. In this case, Garrett shares her journey that led her to learn how to sustain optimal health all year round… and it starts with the gut!

Greater Message: Health before everything! Girl, take care of yourself!

Disclaimer: Garrett is not a licensed, functional nutrition practitioner. She is only sharing her story. She can connect you to a practitioner, if you email her nutrition email ( and subject it “Gut health Referral.”




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