Get to know your host, Garrett Wood, as she opens up about her adult-life journey in finding herself, and a kickass, always-exciting portfolio lifestyle. She outlines her life just like her novel does, but leave out the sex and love because she’s got to leave you some reason to actually buy the book!

Why you’ll love it: because we’ve all been ballsy, 23 year-olds who think they have life figured out. With sheer vulnerability, Garrett paints an honest picture of her younger self-sharing everything from finances to thoughts about her first job. Even more, you’ll learn by her example how to “go with your gut” when life throws new jobs and new cities into your life when you’re least expecting it.

Greater message: life happens for you. There’s always a greater reason.

Disclaimer: not all episodes will be Garrett storytelling-format. Garrett will host interviews with people she admires and respects from the real estate world, from the fitness industry and even her personal life. It’s important to her that the audience knows who she was in her early 20s to understand her late 20s self.


Buy her novel, “Dare To Move.”

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