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Garrett Wood, Author, MINDSET Coach & Nutrition Expert guides you through lessons she’s learning, asks high-performing individuals the hard questions and explores relevant topics in the health, wellness & personal growth space. MINDSET is always top of mind, as is delivering content that teaches you HOW TO CREATE YOUR LIFE in a way that makes you happy. In short, this podcast will teach you how to”Dare To Move,” empowering you to take the risks necessary to better yourself. Season 2 explores stillness, flow, spirituality & mindset work from CEOs. Season 1 explored the portfolio lifestyle.

Learn about gaining control of the hustle, productivity tips, MINDSET WORK, my coaching and healthy lifestyle hacks around gut health and nutrition.

Be inspired by high-performing entrepreneurs of DTC companies, real estate businesses, and wellness gurus. Self-made billionaires, psychologists, and CEOs share their stories.

Listen to my stories and the vulnerability of others to be reminded that you are not alone. Together we can self-improve, regenerate our relationship to ourselves and expand our minds.

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Each week I enjoy sharing life lessons in short-story form, interesting podcasts that I record and books and podcasts I stumble upon. Click below to also stay-in-the-know about live events, book talks, and speaking events! My goal is to inspire you to take steps, see what’s possible, change your life and have the support you need to get started with a life full of purpose. xo