MoveWith Me

Ever wanted a personal trainer in your pocket? Well, now, you can take me anywhere! I love MoveWith because I can feel the pain of my clients who take class with me in person in Boston, or who used to workout with me in Chicago, but can no longer make it to my classes. Now, with this app you can workout to my voice, do my workouts and feel like I’m right there with you, anywhere in the world!

My fianc√©, Jeff, takes my classes twice a week– he’s obsessed! I even take my own classes!

Most of the classes are simply audio-based. Some have a video feature. I love audio workouts because I can just tune-in with my ears and zone-out with my eyes at the gym. Watching videos while running or biking makes me dizzy.

Click the buttons below to learn more! You can do my treadmill, HIIT, spinning and strength workouts! Listen to this podcast I did for more info!

Keep Up With Me

Each week I enjoy sharing life lessons in short-story form, interesting podcasts that I record and books and podcasts I stumble upon. Click below to also stay-in-the-know about live events, book talks, and speaking events! My goal is to inspire you to take steps, see what’s possible, change your life and have the support you need to get started with a life full of purpose. xo