Hi there!

I’m Garrett; sometimes people call me G. I’m 29 years-old and thankful to have found true alignment in my work, after years of living a portfolio lifestyle.

I’m a mindset coach. It took me six years of fitness and nutrition coaching (and doing 17 other things at once!) to realize I’m innately designed to serve through teaching. I’m originally from the midwest, but now live in Boston during the workweek and escape to the New Hampshire forest on the weekends with my fiancé, Jeff (who’s a regular on my podcast).

I love adventure. I seek activities that help me connect to myself and others and I love a good thrill— whether it’s skiing in Colorado, sprinting as fast as I can, or interviewing high achievers and asking the hard questions— I aim to be present and live a life of vigor and a life of love. When I’m not coaching clients around the globe, you can catch me at Barry’s Bootcamp for a workout class, writing my second novel, laughing with friends, meditating, snuggling with Jeff or podcasting.

Professional Bio:

Garrett Wood is the CEO and Founder of Crossroads of Fitness, a mindset coaching  business. In it’s early stages of 2014-2016, Crossroads of Fitness served as physical transformation coaching to men and women who wanted to learn how to lose fat, get strong and sustain the lifestyle.  After some years, Garrett realized that the clients who sustained fitness and wellness lifestyle results, were the ones who let her do the mindset work with them, and the ones who asked the deeper questions about their thoughts. By 2017, Garrett was coaching in a deeper way, that got even deeper in 2019 after having her own spiritual breakthroughs with an executive coach.

While getting Crossroads of Fitness off the ground, Garrett led a parallel life in Commercial Real Estate. At first she served in an assistant VP role for a third party developer, T.M. Crowley whose clients were companies like CVS Pharmacy and Cumberland Farms gas stations. This role helped her get to know the New England landscape, understand how to manage people, work with budgets and negotiate challenging deals, whether it was with the town’s council, or the seller himself.

After 2.5 years as a developer, Garrett took a pause from real estate to write her first book, a novel based-on-true-events, “Dare To Move,” and focus all-in on Crossroads of Fitness. Before the book was published, she was recruited by Corporate Realty Advisors strategize London-based Caffè-Nero’s US Expansion plan. Garrett worked with Caffè Nero, and many other major restaurants, entertainment and hotel groups for 3 years, giving her first hand experience with how executives make decisions, strategize for the future, and manage people with grace.

Her hobbies include teaching fitness, (she spent 6.5 years instructing at Barry’s Bootcamp), writing, and teaching, hence why she has a podcast called “Dare To Move.” Today she spends her days coaching real estate executives, solo-prenuers, and other driven professionals seeking to unblock their limiting beliefs and thus tap into their true, limitless potential, while co-creating roadmaps with them that align with their values and core-desired emotions.

Life is yours to create.

Isn’t it wonderful to believe that you get to be the builder, designer, investigator and planner of your life? Manifesting love, career success and general day-to-day happiness is possible! The only requirement? A huge mindset shift. It’s almost like you have to be the sculptor and builder of your brain first, reshaping your thinking and reconnecting it to your heart, before it can occur. My tip? Start with a future vision. Get as clear as possible. Then, in your Now, all you have to do is see ONE STEP in front of you, that aligns with the future vision. #daretomove