Mindset Coaching Programs

North Star Coaching

Clarify. Identify. Build.

Whether you have wished upon a star or not, we all know what our deep-down, crazy big dreams are. Sometimes we just don’t take the time to uncover them in detail. Then, we find ourselves overwhelmed in work, awkward in our relationships or generally uncomfortable in life, but not sure why. It’s all for a reason– that deep down dream wants to be heard and seen. The North Star Program begins with a Clarity Session wherein we identify where you are now, and where you want to go. What’s your big vision? Let’s see it in its beauty and power. Let’s call it your North Star. I help CEOs and creatives expand what they see as possible for themselves, build self-trust and hone in on their courage in order to dare to follow their North Star that’s unique to them and nobody else. It’s scary to think that you’d leave your current situation, or invest into follow a star, but with guidance you’ll see how the only way to get to the dream-life, mega-success goal, you must take the leap, invest in yourself and make your way there. Otherwise? You stay the same.

Embodiment Coaching

Move. Sit. Match Your Soul.

There’s a disconnect from reality and the possibilities in your future, when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It’s nearly impossible to make love, stand out, or feel at home if you don’t identify with the skin your in. What you embody in your soul, can be embodied in your physical shell. It’s possible with the mindset work of the Embodiment program. Get stronger, explore your femininity, stand in your power and show up for yourself and the world with this program.

Dare To Eat 2.0 – The Expanded Version. Nourishment.

Eat. Listen. Feel.

Whether we want to eat or not, as a human, we have to eat daily. And regardless of how complicated your relationship with food has become, in order to be a human, eating is kind of part of the deal. In this program, we heal your relationship with food, understand your unconscious behaviors, become food conscious and learn which foods nourish you to your fullest potential.

Keep Up With Me

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