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I have spent the last five years helping men and women take control of their nutrition with the Dare To Eat program that I created in 2014 when I launched my business, Crossroads of Fitness. I wanted to meet people who felt as if they were at a crossroads of “what next?” I have always joked that if the Whole 30s, 21-Day Fixes and juice cleanses of the world worked, I wouldn’t have a job. I teach people how to eat for the rest of their lives.


I got into fitness because I wanted to empower people to fuel themselves and to strip away emotions like guilt because I used to live a yo-yo lifestyle when it came to fitness and nutrition. A former perfectionist, I can remember a desire to be thinner as far back as junior high. I tried everything from running and kick boxing classes to the South Beach Diet and Paleo until I found myself binging in college and running 10 miles at a time to “make up for it.”

Now, I work with clients who, similarly, feel as if they’ve tried it all and they are sick of punishing themselves on the treadmill or feeling like they are on-and-off the bandwagon.


In the beginning of my journey, my brother said it best: “You’re really good at working out.” I trained my mind to get up early to take spin class before high school. I learned grit to go running outside in the cold. I also learned, the hard way, that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Something had to change. Thanks to some really amazing coaches that I met in Chicago, I learned about lifting weights and how it would help boost my metabolism by building strong muscles, and I started to get leaner overnight without trying. Putting emphasis on what I could do and not what I weighed helped me start to fuel my body properly.

I also began teaching at Shred415 when they had two locations until I moved to Boston and began working for Barry’s Bootcamp. (Side note: I knew Shred415 would grow and do well and asked, at age 22, if I could stay in Chicago and do its real estate development. I digress.) HIIT taught me that cardio could be way more efficient than running for 90 minutes or more, and it paired very well with strength training. It also motivated me to fuel my body and not restrict and then binge.

Finally, I got educated. I took the Precision Nutrition course, tested, got accredited and began developing what I now call the Dare To Eat Program. I began developing the program while working with a former personal training client and myself. I basically built out everything that “former me” would need in the correct sequence in order to let go of the cardio-binge lifestyle and begin lifting, resting and fueling.

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I work with motivated people. In fact, none of my clients have an issue getting to the gym. They *might* have an issue with going to the gym too much – but we work on that. Nine out of 10 of my clients tell me that they feel like badasses on the treadmill (read: in the gym, lifting weights, crushing deadlifts, etc.) but when they look in the mirror at their aesthetics, they don’t feel that way. When they go out to eat, they don’t want to “undo” their progress. They want to enjoy themselves, but they can’t quite figure out balance. I work with a ton of moms, newly-engaged women and men of all ages to help them understand that – NO – they do not have to give up alcohol. YES, they can go out to eat. NO, they do not have to exercise seven days a week. And, NO, they do not need more calories. I help motivated individuals become empowered and efficient.

Now, I work with clients who, similarly, feel as if they’ve tried it all and they are sick of punishing themselves on the treadmill or feeling like they are on-and-off the bandwagon.


I’ll never forget when Mark Morgan let me teach a class at Fit Flex Fly as a substitute. I had been certified via Madd Dog Spinning while in college and formerly-accredited with Miami University’s Group Fitness Training Program.

In 2011, I was TRX training certified at Miami University and I used that certification to teach TRX classes to the D1 women’s volleyball, basketball and swimming teams.

In 2013, I was hired by Shred415 and taught over 200 classes before I moved a year later.

In 2014, I became an SFG level 1 (kettlebell training) and completed the Precision Nutrition Certification.

In 2015, I became NSCA-PT Certified and helped open the Cyc Fitness cycling studio in Boston.

In 2016, I helped host a functional movement certification at Barry’s Bootcamp (in-house).

In 2017, I was certified by Mike Boyle as a Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning Coach (CFSC).

From 2014 to present, I’ve taught Barry’s Bootcamp classes.


I learned the hard way after competing in three bodybuilding shows and two powerlifting meets in 2 years’ time that nutrition, health and truly, wellness needs to be sustainable and lasting. You should look forward to the lunch you eat a work, like you do the dinner you have on Friday night. Should there be “moderation?” Sure. But we don’t use that “m” word because it’s intimidating… the concept itself is quite difficult in practice. But that’s what I do at Crossroads of Fitness: I teach people how to eat for the rest of their lives, after mastering it myself, thanks to experiencing all the ways that won’t work. We got this.

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