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One of my favorite teachers says, “To change your reality you must start with your personality.” I love this statement because the man who  said it (hint!) has a deep background in neuroscience research, which is what first gave me the “proof” I needed to believe the sentiment.

I’d been a coach for five years before I found Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. I’d spent my coaching days teaching people how to eat for the rest of their lives, how to get strong and physically fit, and guiding people through the mindset piece behind any type of physical transformation. What I learned those five years is that I was tired of helping people sculpt and change their outside bodies, without facilitating the inner work. Even more, the “outside” physical transformation would never “stick” for those with emotional, and mental, inner issues that were not alchemized into something more powerful, or released. Thus, I knew I would have to sort of reinvent myself in order to attract people who would trust me with such a deep level of transformative work. And, my reinvention came from doing my own work, first.

Which brings us back to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advice about changing our realities from our personalities and our beliefs about ourselves. Not only did I learn the lesson in my mind, I felt the change in my heart. My entire body shifted in ways that dumbfounded the meticulous, former bodybuilder in me. Thus, for so many reasons, I speak from my own experience: true change, at the cellular level, is real. And it starts within you (your heart, mind and soul).

As you may have noticed, you can read all about me and my various backgrounds on several pages of this website, but for some reason it feels important for me to speak with you here. So… who  am I? What do I do? And why should you  care?

Let’s start with the last one: you should care because I just might be the catalyst for the rest of your “ideal life.” Chances are you have heard a calling, and you’re feeling frozen, wondering, “now what?” Getting started, taking the link, jumping off, however you see it, often requires some mental prep and guidance from someone a few feet ahead of you.

You may have noticed that I don’t have intricate sales pages, claiming that my “systems” and steps to (masculinely) “do” the  best best business launches. I am not promising any one-size fits all solution, anywhere. And I am proud to NOT sell systems. Many of you may know me or have heard of me through my Dare to  Eat Fat Loss program, which I created in 2014– and even that was not a one-size fits all system. How could everyone’s unique body and lifestyle follow the same plan?

To me, consciously creating a successful business, doing your work well and embodiment are the same. I coach both business and embodiment. We all possess our own unique genius, and unfortunately most colleges and highs schools don’t teach us how to tap into our own “genius” or intuition.

But how can I prove this to you? You’re here to work on goals, visions and dreams that are SO uniquely you that I can almost guarantee I have had none of the same daydreams as you. The difference between you and say, Richard Branson, is that he has his dreams and visions, you have yours, and he has acted on all of them. 

And now you question: what do I do to unlock my potential? Well, it’s a lot of heavy mental lifting, or, “mental gymnastics,” soul alignment, and clarity seeking. We have to get through the crud in your mind, the blocks in your body and do the healing work, so that you come back home to yourself, remembering who you are as a beautiful, unique, and limitless soul.

That’s what I am here to do, on  this earth. My “job” – this work – lights me up like no other.  

Maybe you’re here, reading this, because you aren’t super sure if you’re in the right career, or, you’re in a transition. Welcome! Here’s a quick question, or “tip” to start he discernment work: if you were given  20 million dollars tomorrow, would you still do this job? 

I would still be coaching, that is for sure! But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, my first stab at a “career” by society’s standard. (Good salary, 401k, promise of upward mobility, etc). 

For me, the “real world” began in commercial real estate and then real estate brokerage. I tried to love it. And, even when I had a deal tee’d up for a $75,000 commission, I left before it closed, taking $0 commission, because nothing was working, (the deal kept getting pushed back, etc), showing me all the signs (and many more if you ever want the full story) that my purpose was not in real estate development then.

What’s purpose? How do you know when you find it?

It’s going to be different for all of us but I can tell you this much: purpose to me is goosebumps midst client calls. It’s being in awe of the humans I have the luxury of working with. It’s staying up late for meditation sessions with clients and getting up early for 6 a.m. calls before the big meeting my client has. It’s watching my clients make more money in 1 month than I had projected for the quarter.

My clients get all of me, because committing to my “job” isn’t hard when I derive purpose from the work. It feels important, in this lifetime, on this planet to be here, now, with you reading this, just as it does to serve my clients today.

The bulk of my work falls into 2 silos,  but I will admit I’ve worked on everything in between because, and you probably know it, everything is connected. Thus, in my 1:1 coaching, I work with heaps of solo-prenuers and CEO/founders of small companies 3-20 people who want to grow revenue, build a cohesive team, improve operations via consciousness and/or creatively design a new part of their offering. However, those beautiful go-getters still have to deal with maintaining/ growing personal relationships whilst birthing/mending companies, healing traumas, and more. 

With my embodiment coaching, which helps people come HOME to themselves, we focus on why they’ve veered away from their true selves, how they can learn to love their “home” and what nutrition, exercise and most importantly, mindset work they can tap into to expand fully into their bodies and show up the  way they desire in this lifetime.

So who am I?

A woman who’s no longer defined by what she “does” on the planet, yet, a woman who loves what she does so much, she can rarely shut up about it.

I’m a woman who wants you to live a stupid awesome life. One that leaves you grinning ear to ear about it. Whether we connect because you want my business expertise, or you desire to feel more at home and comfortable in your body, please reach out. I am here for it all. My CEO clients deal with body image disconnects, and my embodiment clients and I talk business often. You can enter through any door with me, but I can’t promise what’s behind it, aside from a life with a much more fulfilling perspective.

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