For years people asked me, “how do you do it all?” 

I podcasted, wrote a book, worked in commercial real estate and taught barry’s workout classes, all whilst coaching online in the background. 

But after a while, I came to notice something — just like there were fantastically productive people I knew in college, who gave me a run for their money, there were also much more productive people than me in Boston.  People can work, study, have a social life, join an organization and yet, still stay in shape, and have fun.

There’s simply a secret method to “doing it all” and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

The more people asked me, “how do you do it all” in my 20s,” the more I somehow felt responsible for a perfectly helpful answer or solution.  Yet, I never had a desire to create a ‘planner’ or write an article on time blocking. I did create a “find more time” fun quiz to take, but thankfully, before I published it, a coach of mine (#coachesneedcoaches), taught me about Dr. John DeMartini’s work.

His work is all about values. One of his most famous books is, “The Values Factor.”

Midst Covid, I felt a weird feeling of apathy for the first time in my life, and intuitively knew this feeling was not a result of the state of the world. Prior to that, I had never not wanted to do any of the gazillion things on my to-do list.

With this apathy feeling, I couldn’t quite make 1 + 1 = 2. Meaning, I couldn’t see how podcasting was adding to my business, or how my time spent writing a second book fit the big vision, or how teaching barry’s classes fit into my future. I’d always done it all, and it was time to widdle it down a little, and I didn’t know where to start.

Recording podcast with CEO and founder of Pure Glow in Boston.

Enter: Values Factor.

Dr. DeMartini contends that when our schedule and our daily activities align with our highest values, we will be jumping out of bed to do them.

I nodded my head yes, as I have been fortunate to experience that jumping out of bed feeling most of my life.

Thus, instead of writing to you like many human performance coaches will, about how to best time block, or what kind of scheduler to use or person to hire, I raise you this: when your life is aligned you will be the best captain in charge of your schedule.

When you care and the “things” align with you to your core, it will be no problem to organize things, manage people, or get it all done.

Think about the writers who stay up all night to write or get up early! Consider the people who don’t waste time doing things they don’t enjoy. The time spent not doing something is 0. Thus, when you can get still for a while, you’ll get clear on your top 3-5 values, you will no longer waste time with things which don’t add up to the big picture, or give you joy.

As an enneagram type 7 Enthusiast, I can tell you that DeMartini’s Values work was hard for me; I thought everything was my value. I wanted *everything* to be my value. The result of doing the work, was to take a bit of a hiatus from doing anything, hence why I stopped podcasting for 2 months, blogging or working on my second book. In that time I realized the truth was that coaching is one of my highest values in fact, thus, anything else was not necessarily as important. Yet, I knew some things like podcasting I wanted to keep in my repertoire and thus, I had to sit without doing them to reconfigure them into my life in a way that was proportionate to the way in which it is proportionate to the values I hold.

To close, you must know a bit about how to find your values.

What do you spend your money on, without even thinking? For me, beauty is a value and I spend money on my hair without blinking an eye. I can assure you my fiancé would not do the same.

What do you spend your free time doing?

What do you decorate your house with?

What do you talk about internally?

What do you talk about with others, externally?

What do you set goals towards?

The aforementioned are just a few ways you can derive your values, thanks to DeMartni’s framework. Check out his book Values Factor, or reach out to me for a free clarity consult if you still feel stuck. Values work is part of my coaching program.

Take this blog as the most honest, and obvious time-hack article you’ve ever read. Regardless of the “perfect time block system” or the most organized planner or virtual assistant, if your “tasks” are not values aligned you will procrastinate, work slower, and that “ugh” feeling will haunt you, which will definitely not save you time.

Get your values aligned and earn time… you’ll be too passionate about your work and your life to waste a second.