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Whether you have wished upon a star or not, we all know what our deep-down, crazy big dreams are. Most people come to me because they feel awkward, overwhelmed or generally uncomfortable in their current job, relationship or even city. They aren’t sure why. But after a preliminary Clarity session, we discover their North Star. I help CEOs, creatives and driven people build self-trust and hone in on their courage in order to dare to follow that star, that deep-seated dream or goal that’s unique to them and nobody else. It’s scary to think that you’d leave your current situation to follow a star, but with guidance you’ll see how the only way to get to the dream-life you want is to take the leap, invest in yourself and make your way there. Otherwise? You stay the same.

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Create A Lifestyle You Love

I’ve spent my twenties exploring my passions and living a portfolio lifestyle. You could say that at one point I had five jobs, and they all center around helping people (learn more in the video to the left!)

I’ve coach thousands of people at Barry’s Bootcamp. My Mindset and Nutrition coaching business, Crossroads of Fitness, helps people all over the world achieve their fat loss goals and life goals.

You can read here to also learn about the Real Estate portion of my portfolio.

In 2018, I published my coming-of-age novel, based-on-true events, “Dare To Move” to inspire readers to never give up and empower them to create their life. I host a podcast called Dare To Move, which exists to provide tactical and actionable guidance to create a fulfilling, sustainable career and inspire personal growth.

No matter what I’m doing, I am always in the business of transforming lives and daring people to move.

Dare To Move Podcast

In short, this podcast will teach you how to “Dare To Move,” empowering you to take the risks necessary to better yourself. From covering nutrition tips to lifestyle change to real estate developments to her latest novel, Garrett will inspire you to feel like you can take all the things that make you happy, and create a fulfilling, sustainable career.

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Each week I enjoy sharing life lessons in short-story form, interesting podcasts that I record and books and podcasts I stumble upon. Click below to also stay-in-the-know about live events, book talks, and speaking events! My goal is to inspire you to take steps, see what’s possible, change your life and have the support you need to get started with a life full of purpose. xo


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